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Tom_N wrote:

juvx wrote:

I really dont get the budget statement Im trying to fit camera + lens into a certain budget. It might be perfect but im trying to get the most bang for my buck given the shooting conditions and budget.

It's simple. If you choose the gear entirely according to budget/price, you'll be tempted to overlook whether the gear is actually suitable for the type of photography you plan to do. A lot of people post with expectations of spending much less than your budget, yet expect that low-end equipment will do a top-rate job at difficult tasks like low-light indoor sports photography.

That's an unrealistic expectation. So if you know a bit about what you need the camera to do, you can approach it from that end, as to what gear will make it easier to achieve that goal. That's not to say that you must abandon your budget, but that you should know what the options and tradeoffs are.

To simplify things lets forget the indoor sports because i know thats the most expensive thing to shoot well. My main goal will be street / travel, low light sometimes, high dynamic range. And i only shoot raw. Im OK with Lightroom and photoshop editing and know what i'm doing.

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