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Re: Nothing wrong with the F31fd

Kim Letkeman wrote:

DS21 wrote:

That's why he is mistaken, the watercolor effect at ISO 1600 was the thing of F30, F31 does not have that effect.

What they did in the F31fd, which is widely documented, is to reduce the exposure issues that plagued the F30fd. The latter was known to over expose images and the former was known to shoot a bit too dark an image. The F31fd was the best of the lot at that sensor size, but is still woefully out of date.

As usual, you are being sloppy and superficial when it comes to older Fuji cameras. The difference that cured the watercolor effect at ISO 1600 was the decision to lower the NR and allow some more noise at ISO 1600 (compared to F30), and slightly increase detail at the expense of noise. The exposure issues have nothing to do with that. And, by the way, the "exposure issues that plagued the F30fd" (there is no F30fd, Mr. Fuji Expert, only F30) are nothing compared to wild blow-ups F550, F600, and Fxxx all do when left at their default settings (like poor old F30 was mostly criticized for, at its default settings). With their modern sensors with more DR (right?) should have been a piece of cake to do it better them the range F30 designers had. The F30 is actually quite good exposure wise, better then many DSLR's of the time (remember D80?), and so much better then today's Fuji cameras (without the permanent DR400 trick). I wonder who will remember the F550 in a couple of years (except you, of course).

But, he will reply again, his has to be the last, he is the supreme authority on this forum after all.

You too have learned something of late. Congrats.

What I mostly learned so far is that nothing brings you back faster to this forum (from your Panasonic nirvana) then the opportunity to remind us all how crappy and outdated the old classic F cameras are. It would be interesting to speculate what drives you to do that, my best guess would be that it is ego related.

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