Beginner's question on A vs. M :)

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Re: EV setting

windsprite wrote:

Stacey_K wrote:

It has this. It's called exposure lock but is used in A or P mode. If you insist on only using M mode, then no it doesn't.

Well, then it doesn't have it. Period. That was the whole point.

I was trying to point out how you can have this functionality but it requires you to rethink how you control the camera. A "workaround" if you will. No reason to get all worked up. I agreed if you just are hell bent on using M mode exclusively, then you are right, they don't have this functionality.

I thought -maybe- you would be interested in knowing this same effect can be had with the camera you currently use, if you are willing to try a different way of getting to basically this same place that M mode provides. Sounds like you're not, which is fine, but complaining about it not being exactly the way you would have designed it or that it should be how pentax designed theirs doesn't solve much as far as you getting the functionality you are looking for. Lashing out at me doesn't solve much either.

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