Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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Re: To Prof. Hank

blue_skies wrote:

1prime wrote:

Thanks again Henry for confirming the attributes of the NEX-6 and E-lenses, especially the Z24. I share your views although, as you know, I moved up from my 5R to a 7, which I am still learning. I think it was my "affair" with my Z24 that prompted going for the 7 instead of the 6. But my 5R, and I assume the 6, was much more intuitive than the brilliant 7. You have also shown the advantages of the A7 FF. Your knowledgeable photographic insights are invaluable. Don

Thanks Don, but you are mixing ProfHankD and myself - we are two different people. And ProfHandD has also given many technical insights on this forum.

Henry, You'd think I'd know who you are by now! But I've always put both of your insights in the same hierarchy. Best,  Don
ps  Did you have that shot of the 3 of us on the deck in your A7?  Maybe email it if you do.

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