Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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Re: If the Zeiss 16-70mm was f2.8 I'd be happy as a clam

Habs Fan27 wrote:

A 2.8 lens on m4/3 will give a similar DOF to an f4 lens on APS-C. The only advantage you are gaining is a 1 stop shutter speed. APS-C generally has better high ISO noise performance so you can up your ISO to equalize. I would guess that you will get similar image quality from the 16-70 and the 12-40. The Zeiss will have a longer reach + is smaller and lighter depending on how much that is important to you.

Not to mention that 16MP APS-C vs 16MP m4/3 means larger photo sites which means you can use lower shutter speeds (assuming equal technique) and get less blur. So unless you are shooting some kind of action/movement which high shutter speeds are absolutely needed the f/2.8 really, really is functionaly equivalent to the f4 on APS-C. Really.

m4/3 are great lenses & cameras and yes, with more companies making quality glass for them; however, as others have pointed out Sony has released a number of great lenses. The FE 55mm makes a great portrait lens on the NEX cameras, for example, and the 16-70 ZA is generally praised. Sony has unfortunately set itself up with a "bad lens" reputation and they are still not able to shake it.

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