Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

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Re: Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

Pic Man wrote:

targut wrote:

Pic Man wrote:
I disagree about there being nothing wrong with employee reviews.

Several users of this forum have told you already that they find nothing wrong with it. Why don't you accept their opinion and stop pushing your (of course the only correct) one?

Because it's the correct one of course

Here's a review of the 17mm 1.8 by photozone

Here's a review of the 17mm 1.8 by Robin Wong

To me this highlights why I disagree about there being nothing wrong with employees writing reviews of their companies products. You're welcome to disagree with me which going by the current trend looks likely.


  • This is not an attack at Robin Wong or Olympus
  • I'm a Panasonic fanboy


  • This is not an attack on you.
  • I am not a Olympus or Panasonic fan, as you can see in my gear list.

First of all, I do agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but like many others in this thread, I will agree to disagree with you and I will explain why.

I'd like to point out to you that even though Robin published his 17mm f1.8 review in November 2012, he did not announce becoming an Olympus Malaysia employee until September 2013 (not sure the exact date he started working for them). However, I would agree with you that his 17mm f1.8 review was probably a little too positive. Then why was he so positive before he became an employee?

The important point you are missing is that Robin Wong was an Olympus "fan" long before he became their employee. It was obvious even before he became an employee and as far as I know he has never pretended that he was not a fan. Now that he's become their employee, he emphasizes that at the beginning of each review. So what is the problem? One definition of a fan is "an ardent admirer or enthusiast." What you have discovered is that fans (either reviewers or other forum members here and elsewhere) are not impartial, not that Robin is not impartial because he is an Olympus employee.

At the beginning of the thread you said that the fact that Robin is an Olympus employee "makes it more difficult to trust" his reviews. Well, I would argue that you should not just trust anything he or anyone writes without separating fact from opinion and forming your own conclusion. Just because Robin is an Olympus employee does not detract from his writing or photos.

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