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Re: The concept of "second camera"

Tom Caldwell wrote:

CharlesTokyo wrote:

reygon wrote:

Nothing revolutionary with the EM-1 as product of the year considering no big and dramatic change from EM-5.

No big dramatic change? Well, maybe that's true. Everything and I mean everything (except maybe long shots with no NR) is an improvement over the E-M5. EVF, controls, features, ergonomics, focusing system etc... the list goes on and on. Maybe there isn't a single thing that stands out, but together? It's a dramatically different camera than the E-M5.

I really want to get a GM1, but for the DPReview readers I think there are too many tradeoffs for the size to appeal to a lot of people. It will really appeal to certain group, but it's more of a second camera for most of the people here. Not their primary.

The concept of "second camera" is interesting. If it means "second-string", "emergency", "the camera taken only when the primary camera is too bulky", then it is probably a misconception. The GM1 is quite capable and technically should be able to image just as well as a physically larger camera with the same sensor.

If it means some user support has been omitted such as evf, tilt screen, flash capability then another camera would be more comfortable to use and be preferred, but then why use this camera at all if another provides a better user experience. "Other cameras" are presumably other M4/3 models and they are not that much larger in body size. If the cut back experience of the GM1 is just too hard to handle then it is very obvious that this camera is not for that person, no argument, but then it is not "a second camera" - it is a "not owned camera".

Lack of control is hardly a reason to second string the GM1 as alternatives such as even the Sony NEX6 (from my personal experience) has quite arguably less deep user support despite more obvious buttons and dials.

If the GM1 were to supplement a dslr then the obvious size difference would mean that the GM1 is a quite different camera in concept from a dslr and can hold itself erect in the areas where it serves best. I see no real need to see why the camera could not be regarded as a primary camera in the areas where it serves best.

Where the GM1 might be questionable is in its main asset - its tiny size. This is more a physical handling problem than anything else because Panasonic have quite ingeniously incorporated considerable intuitive depth into the "external" control of the camera via clever use of touch screen controls. It might be tiny to wrap a hand around but lacking in control it is not.

If ever touch screen control has come of age then the GM1 has proved that a small camera can have a very excellent and deep user interface despite a lack of physical space to mount mechanical controls

If the GM1 is thought to be something less than mainstream because of its apparent lack of external controls then this is not true as it is indeed actually stacked with a "six pack" of configurable function keys to supplement the quickmenu. I doubt if many other digital cameras are so well endowed for primary camera use

Myself - well I have other cameras, mostly larger, but I see that the GM1 has no apologies to make to them and is the very best camera for what it does best - great images and compact physical size, but it is not a pocket camera unless someone goes to quite great effort to limit its general capabilities as a camera for primary use purposes by only using a prime pancake wide. In truth a pancake wide is only one persona of this versatile little camera. It can stand quite proudly as a primary imaging device if an owner decides it is such.

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Tom Caldwell

Yeah Tom, GM1 is more than capable to be classified as 'second camera'.  My 'second camera' is APSC, but my primary camera is MFT.  The one used most of the time to capture that moment is the primary camera regardless of the format.

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