Peano - we've lost one of the truly greats

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Re: Peano - we've lost one of the truly greats

Sunshine_boy wrote:

You had me gasping at that thread title you used. Thank God he is ok and I hope he returns to the forum as I consider him to be one of the very best retouchers who can really put things over to the reader patiently and clearly.

I do not agree with the stance he took about the posted images (because he couldn't possibly know all the circumstances) but I am sure it must have been a momentary lapse of judgement just following a first reaction. We all know that is not the 'normal' Peano, not the one who for years has guided many to improve their skills.

Peano, please reconsider. We all have our ups and downs. A simple apology is all that is needed when we feel we caused some bad feelings to someone else.

I'm sure you'll make many members happy by coming back

Sorry - in retrospect that wasn't the best thread title I've created - the only thing worse would probably have been "Peano - R.I.P."

as noted in my post above - - I believe Peano's response WAS a momentary lapse for reasons which don't excuse but perhaps explain.

I noticed he was a little edgy in a few of his responses, but who really knows what's going on in his life right now?

Perhaps it is for the best to take a break from this forum for awhile, especially if it is a source of irritation. It is certainly easy to get irritated by people playing the newsgroup debating game where they figure if they repeat themselves over and over and get in the last word they have "won". Personally, I choose to not engage such people. I think most readers are intelligent to know who is being a jerk.

Good luck to peano, and I hope he enjoys whatever he does next more than his recent experiences here.

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- Bill

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