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juvx wrote:

Distance is usually 25-30 meters and usually in not so great indoor lighting. (school gyms)

Field of view is pretty wide. I go to Colorado every year so heavy mountain photography.

I really don't get the budget statement. Im trying to fit camera + lens into a certain budget. It mightn't be perfect but I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck given the shooting conditions and budget.

25-30 metres sounds a long way to me; that would be quite a wide gym, assuming the dancers were somewhere in the middle and you were around the periphery. Maybe you mean feet?

I like really wide angle lenses for landscape; 10-20mm is typical. I went to the Canadian Rockies with a standard wide angle last year and it wasn't near wide enough.

Fair enough on your dislike of the 5100. The 7100 is a more solid affair; it also has excellent low-light capabilities, which will go part way to compensating for the smaller apertures of reasonably-prices lenses.

Don't listen to people who will try to manage your budget for you. Setting a budget seems like a reasonable idea to me. You will probably spend around $4000 before you are done, and that gear should last a good few years.

The thing with digital photography is that images are cheap. I wouldn't be surprised if you fired off a hundred shots of your daughter each session; a few will be OK, I'm sure.

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