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There is no advantage to M.

I prefer manual (auto ISO off) for most situations when the light isn't changing rapidly. You set the exposure once and don't have to worry about a bright background or whatever fooling the meter like you do in one of the auto modes

It would be even better if Nikon did M like Pentax, where you can link the shutter speed and aperture so that if you change one, the other changes automatically to keep the same exposure

Doing so is no longer M but essentially programmed (P) where Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO are linked to provide a set exposure value.

You don't seem to understand. It's still manual exposure, 100% determined by the camera operator.

M means exactly that - full manual control - you set your own shutter speed, aperture and ISO based on what you want the exposure outcome to be.

Yes. The mode I described is exactly that.

If using an exposure meter - built-in or external to determine the exposure value then you may as well let the camera does it automatically.

You are missing the point. Say you are shooting in manual and you want to close down the aperture three stops and then slow down the shutter speed three stops to keep the same exposure. With most brands, including Nikon, you have to perform each operation separately, but with Pentax you can link the aperture and shutter controls so that when you change one, the other changes the same amount in the other direction. You're not leaving anything to the camera; it's just a device to save time/labor. A faster way for you to make the camera exactly what you want it to do.


Julie, what you described may be possible with Flexible Program denoted by an asterisk * in the P mode: P*.  Refer to page 118 of the Manual

All light meter displays the measured EV.  You only have to select the right ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed combination to achieve that EV.

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