Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

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Re: Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

Orion12 wrote:

Me Tarzan wrote:

My experience with the HS series is much like Ralph's comments above. EV's are so poor that I have to use the LCD when shooting. If you are looking for a camera with an impressive EV, try picking up an 'old' panny G1. I own two of these baby bears. Nice sensor, perfect birding camera and beautiful EV, and manual to boot. I'd also highly recommend the Fuji s100fs. They are difficult to find, solidly built. There have been lots of noise about some areas of imperfections but hey, no camera is going to be perfect. The s100fs sure comes close in my books.

Set Your Power Management to HIGH PERFORMANCE
Set Your Viewing Frame Rate to 60 fps

These (2) Setting MAJORLY Effect Your "Viewing Experience" BOTH Rear Display & EFV Display


More Cheers from Orion

Thanks for the tip, Orion.

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