Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

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Re: Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

Orion12 wrote:

Sactojim wrote:

Interesting read here and another users thoughts that run common with the HS50..not stellar IQ.

A few quotes: "However, the quality of the image delivered by the camera’s default settings is where the camera’s performance dipped. Viewed at 100 per cent in Adobe Photoshop, test shots showed a fine ‘stippled’ quality which compromised sharpness and seemed to be exacerbated by any form of subsequent sharpening. Discussions with Fuji led to a slight improvement by setting both ‘sharpness’ and ‘noise reduction’ to +2, but potential users should note that the camera reverts to the default image quality setting of ‘normal’ when it is powered off and on again, so the preferred setting of ‘fine’ has to be re-entered prior to every use".

I don't know Who Wrote the Above but it's FALSE Information ! ( I've NEVER Lost Settings AFTER Power Off ) I Shoot Almost Entirely in 8-Mp Modes - Have NEVER Noticed "Stippled" quality.
Also IF you look thought this Forum you will find MOST suggest setting Noise Reduction to -2

Read the article and you will know who wrote the article. If indeed false information, as you claim, maybe try responding to her to counter what Fuji told her.

Their are LOTS of Opinions about the HS50EXR Quality from a Lot of People who either Don't Own One or Don't Know How to Shoot with One. . . It's NOT an No-Brainer to get the Most from this Camera but it Can Deliver a Wide Range of Quality Shots IF handled correctly. . .
Some will also try to Bad Mouth the HS50EXR because it doesn't have "DSLR" Quality & True Enough a 1/2" has it's Limitations but their are FEW DSLR's that have 24mm - 1,000mm Lens Range.

The author owns the camera and as far as settings go, there are a number of people here claiming their's is the best.

Cheers from Orion

ISO-400 Telephoto with the Low-Light Subject ~ 1 Mile Away. . .

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