Newbie gear question 2300 budget.

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Re: Newbie gear question 2300 budget.

Good recommendations from earlier posters.

Regardless of make, I assume your camera will have a standard kit lens, like 18-55 or similar, which is a good walking-around lens. Good advice I got from somewhere on here a couple years ago was to use EXIF info to figure out which lengths you use most frequently before investing in a particular lens. That would help you decide whether you would make better use of a wide-angle lens, a moderate long lens, etc. You could also use that information to determine frequent lighting conditions. If you find yourself using a high ISO and wide open aperture and still not getting the shutter speed you would like, then likely you would want to look at a faster lens.

Use the time to window shop here, on B&H, Adorama, etc. so you have an idea of what is available and at what price. Then when you are sure, you can shop around and look for sales, etc. Read reviews and comments on forums like here, tutorials and articles, just look at photos on places like Flickr where you can usually check EXIF for the lens size, speed, etc.

You'll see plenty to activate your gear lust -- at least, I do -- but two things to remember: 1) the best lens in the world isn't much good if it doesn't suit what you want to shoot, and 2) the cheapest piece of crappy glass is still too expensive to wind up as a doorstop!

As for other stuff, don't skimp on a tripod. I added a quick-release system because screwing/unscrewing got old real fast! Also for landscapes, a polarizing lens. Again, don't go for the cheapest or you might get some ugly distortion/casts. I put a UV filter on my lens if I'm not using the polarizer or another filter. Some purists insist on no more layers of glass than absolutely necessary but I think I have a long way to go, skillwise, before I have to worry about that! And meantime, using that filter has already saved me from major lens damage in one mishap. Again, I don't get the cheapest but I'll gladly replace a $50 UV filter rather than a lens costing hundreds of dollars!!

Finally, study what kind of bags you might use most. That might be a backpack or sling bag to go out hiking for landscapes, but I don't think that would work real good at a dance recital, so you likely would want something far smaller.

Have fun!

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