Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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Yes, I was right again.

TrojMacReady wrote:

DT200 wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

DT200 wrote:

According to you:

The FE lenses average $875 in price and that may go up with the next lens.

take a reply out of its context,

LOL, first you say the average FE lens price is $875, and then try to say that was out of "context"???

Yes an average of $875

I am glad you are finally admitting the truth.

This goes back to the OP.   The new Sony lenses are very expensive and FE size.

The 70-200mm FE lens is LARGER than athe Canon FULL FRAME version in every dimension.

And more of the same tactics. You mentioned both the Canon and Nikon being smaller.

And I was CORRECT. The Nikon is 78x178.5 and the Sony is 80x175. When you compute the volume the Nikon is smaller.

Bwahaha. Did you use a 3D rendering to calculate volume?

The Nikon tapers more than the Sony, but even if it did not you can calculate the volume and see the Nikon is a fair amount smaller.  I know you keep saying it not, but you know you are wrong.

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