The worst thing about the V1...

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Re: The worst thing about the V1...

olyflyer wrote:

EXIF is in my images. Not in yours. I have no idea how you managed to take that underexposed image. As I explained, my camera can not do that, except maybe in one situation, which I just been thinking about, that is that your exposure isn't enough, i.e. you hit the roof of the ISO and the shutter speed can not be lowered any more, or the aperture can not be opened. As I said, there is no EXIF in your images, so as far as I am concerned, they are not very informative, to say the least.

img1: 1/125, f5.6, iso 220
img2: 1/13, f5.6, iso 3200
img3: 1/30, f5.6, iso 800
img4: 1/100, f5.6, iso 400

All with 10-30 at 30mm, P mode and ISO Auto 100-3200.

You pan from a dark area to bright, take an image and the camera overexposes it. Easy as that. I really don't know why you can't reproduce it. The only reason would be that you're waiting too long between shots to press the shutter. Or maybe you're waiting for AF which would mean your AF is way slower than it should be. You did say that on your camera AE is as fast as AF, which means your AF is way too slow.

But okay if you can't reproduce it this way, try another one OK? Set mode to P, AF to AF-S, metering to matrix, shutter AE to off, enable continuous shooting at 5 fps, focus on outside and then take a continuous series of images as you pan from outside to inside. You should definitely see the first 'inside' shots as underexposed.

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