DP Review: Readers Choice Award EM-1 or GM1?

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Check the sidebar Jim

Jim Salvas wrote:

Granted, it's a good product, but it doesn't seem to fill a need for very many people. It is being outsold by its own stablemate, the GX7, which is being outsold by the E-M1. The GM1 did not even place in the DPR poll - it came in 6th in the MILC poll even though the regulars here probably represent its target market.

Seems to me the "product of the year" for serious photographers should at the very least have a hot shoe. Not to mention a viewfinder, or a way to add one.

It's a cute, usable camera, in the same way the Canon Dial 35 was a cute half frame camera back in the day. But it's not product of the year.

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Jim Salvas

Look to the sidebar - it is 8/10 in most popular cameras for the moment. At least five of the top ten are popular because they are recent releases of interesting cameras and the GX7 is not on the scale. The street price of the GX7 is almost identical to the GM1 so those who want the most camera bits for the money know exactly what to buy. The GM1 is a stripped back GX7 no less but the street price shows which of the two must be the hardest to move out of the stores.

If it is thought as cute then the tiny size has blinded the reality. Underneath that cute exterior is a proper camera bursting to be recognised. I passed on the GX7 despite knowing that it was a good camera as I already had that "type" of camera and I wanted a "pocket-powerhouse" not a "pocket-camera". After some time with the GM1 I am still of the conclusion that my first judgement correct and my pre-investigations rewarded.

No point assessing it on looks and I certainly don't care two hoots of the barnyard owl whether others are buying it. It suited my purpose and I don't follow the crowds. Count me a happy camper with what I have bought. Got it right, it is no orphan toy. And nether is the equally brilliant Pentax Q which suffers from the same subjective judgement based simply on size and looks.

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Tom Caldwell

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