DP Review: Readers Choice Award EM-1 or GM1?

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Where are the hairy chested ones?

Ulric wrote:

reygon wrote:

What do you think?

That a camera that looks like a toy will be regarded as a toy by enough people to not stand a chance in a "product of the year" poll. Only those who overcome that initial impression enough to actually give it a try will discover that it is in fact a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Quite.  I said the same thing elsewhere - looks like "Bambi" but with some attention to the manual and a bit of effort it can be made into "Godzilla". However if it is used in iA mode it will just be another clever little point and shoot.

Just as much as a pretty girl can be thought as dumb until we find out that she has a PhD as apparently everything is judged by the first impressions and obviously nothing this small is worth a second glance.  The penny will drop eventually but it has become hung up in the works somewhere for the moment.

Hence the rush to categorise it as "pocketable" or patronisingly, something for the (not camera aware) wife to casually carry in her handbag and not for hairy chested true male shooters.

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