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Re: Focus on construction

19andrew47 wrote:

Ok, here is the question, how much of what your wife sews in hand stitched? I was looking for evidence in the image of machine stitching but didn't see it. On the other hand have had less than 2 h sleep in the past two days so maybe I am just not seeing it. Well captured. 35 mm macro?


Andrew, I asked. The amount of hand work depends on the piece. There is construction handwork (basting etc.) and then finish work. My view is that there’s a lot of hand work because that’s most of what I see (because the machine work goes quickly perhaps). Perceptions don’t always match up.

More snow so decided to do some comparisons while the sleeves are taken out and redone. (Using the ZD 25, 35 and 12-60.)

ZD 25 - before sleeves are taken out.

ZD 25

ZD 35

ZD 12-60

More clarification – most of the construction is done on the machine, most of the time is spent on hand work.

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