Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

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Re: Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

Sactojim wrote:

Interesting read here and another users thoughts that run common with the HS50..not stellar IQ.

A few quotes: "However, the quality of the image delivered by the camera’s default settings is where the camera’s performance dipped. Viewed at 100 per cent in Adobe Photoshop, test shots showed a fine ‘stippled’ quality which compromised sharpness and seemed to be exacerbated by any form of subsequent sharpening.

That was an interesting review, although I didn't understand the wistfulness for an electronic zoom. To me, that alone makes my choice "Fuji" (whether X-S1 or HS50 still to be determined).

He made a slight misstatement, too, indicating there was a hot shoe "for ext. flash or microphone". Yes, true, but more important to know is that there's an actual mic jack.

As for viewing at 100% in Photoshop and seeing the "fine 'stippled' quality? Is that a standard for camera reviews to test IQ or otherwise a desirable way for some reason? I ask because I am trying to fight the urge to pixel peep as it is and am judging the images based on the way I and others would normally be seeing them. I'd be interested, for example, in 11 x 14 prints or here or...? I was just a little surprised that they would be examined so closely in PS--then again, maybe that's just a way to let us know his method--"FYI".

btw, JPEG Shooter, I was impressed by your photos, esp. eagle at 1000mm and the lizard at what 400mm? Also interested in the advice you're getting re: tweaking the settings. Seems like another advantage of the HS50 because that kind of conversation can continue while X-S1s are becoming something of the past.

What will make you decide if you're going to keep it?

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