Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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Re: Being Smarter

DT200 wrote:

Nikon makes cameras that focus correctly.

Whatr do you mean with focus correctly? As far as I know all Sony cameras focus correctly, maybe not as fast as Nikon DSLRs but correctly.

If you watch the Super Bowl you saw hundreds of Nikon cameras and not a single Sony mirrorless, because Sony is that bad.

Did you look well at the superbowl? Did you see any Nikon camera in the $2000,-- range? Did you see any lens inr the pricerange under the $1000? Those professionals are using the cameras that are the best for the job. They don't care that they buy a camera and lenses that costs more then a very nice car, they need it for the job. A mirrorless camera (none of them) are good enough and have good enough lenses for uses as a professional sports camera.

So it is not that Sony is bad, it is that Nikon (and Canon) makes the camera and lenses and offers the support that a professional need. When you look at the normal people at sportfeilds where their kids are playing you will see many mirrorless cameras, including Sony, and they take excelent pictures with them, Sony is that good!

Sony has dropped to the 5th best mirrorless focusing camera behind Fuji, Nikon, Panasonic and Olympus.

But they are still the better selling then Nikon (very fast focussing), Panasonic (fast focussing), Canon (big brand, but bad mirrorless), Fuji (maybe fast focussing, we have to see how good it is in real life tests), and Sony is close to (and in some regions better selling then) Olympus. I don'tr count Pentax as it is to easy...

, and m43 manufactureres with $1200-1600 lenses for the tiny format.

Who shoots 4x3 anymore? Sure their sensors are as good as the Sony APS-C if you crop to 4x3, but I never do.

Well very many people shoot m43. They have great cameras, and they own the biggest part of the mirrorless market.

I am glad that Sony would be focusing more on FF lenses.

Almost everyone who bought a $400 APS body is NOT happy about lenses costing $800-$1000. The majority don't want to manually focus and can buy a better Nikon with better lenses for less.

First I have n A700 and a 70-40mm Gzoom lens, guess what was more expensive? It is very normal that people buy more expensive lenses then cameras. Some people are so smart, they buy the cheapest model camera, to save money for the most expensive lenses, as they know that the lens does more for the IQ then the camera...

Being smarter also entails understanding...
it would be dumb to spend more on bodies than on lenses.

So all those people who bought an A7R and old legacy lenses are "Dumb" now. I'll let them you you said so.

First many of the legacy lenses people are using are more expensive then their cameras (look at the price of some of those nice Leica and Zeiss lenses, they are not cheap! It is not wise to put only low quality lenses on a high quality camera as you will not use the potential of the camera.

Does it take a dumb person to buy an APSc...

It is dumb for a person on a budget to buy an inexpensive APS body, but then find all the new lenses cost over $750. Sony doesn't have much for them and so they are going to Canon and Nikon which is why mirrorless sales fell so much and DSLR sales increased.

And now about the lenses. When someone is on a budget and buys a Sony APS camera, he can buy the very inexpensive Sigma lenses (the 19mm, 30mm and 60 mm all good lenses for the price) They can buy the Sony APS lenses, all are normal priced with exeption of the high quality Zeiss lenses. So they don't have to buy the FF lenses. For every FF lens out there is a APS lens with close to the same focal range, nobody tells them to buy the more expensive (but opticly better) ff lenses.

And as last: Sony will come with more affordable FE lenses too. They started the FE range with the best primes you can buy under the $1000! Other lenses with lesser quality will come to...

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