Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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Re: They never said they would

DT200 wrote:

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DT200 wrote:

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DT200 wrote:

All Sony has said is the next 10 or lenses will be FE mount.

We need to wait for Sony to say something else.

They didn't say that they would not release any APS-C lenses in the meantime.

Just like Sony never said they wouldn't make spaceships and unicorns, they never said they wouldn't make any APS-C lenses in the next few years. Companies are not in the habit of making press releases about stuff they will not due.

What are you smoking?

Sony announced a 15 lens roadmap for FE (E-mount lenses for FF sensors) bodies.

Can I see this roadmap with the specific lenses or are you dreaming again?

How many APS_C lenses are on it?

How many lenses cost under $750?

Sony is rumored to also produce more lenses for E (E-mount for APS-C sensor) bodies.

So you created a new Rumor? Where is the roadmap you claim?

The fact is Sony hasn't announce a single new APS lens.

Some lenses will be shared (namely the FE85 - same as A85, it is FF, but only $300).

Nice dream, but you are making that up of course. Can we a link?

Sony has produced some excellent lenses, both for FE and E sensors, read up on the reviews.

Most APS lenses are quite average if that. Many are F/6.3 lenses or have very soft corners it seems

It is called 'killing off a thread'.

I really do not understand where you come from, what you are trying to achieve, and what befuddles you all the time. Just the word "sony" ?

The Sony FE lens roadmap is all over the internet. Ever heard of Google? Maybe someone can teach you how to use it, lol

And I have no idea how you can qualitatively belittle successful products. You have no experience, no credibility, no proper knowledge, and you come across as merely steaming, and not from enthusiasm.

What exactly do you know, and do, other than giving all of us a chuckle, and annoying new comers?

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