D800 or d800e??

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Re: D800 or d800e??

This one really gets down to what bothers you more - lack of $300 or so, or lack of almost-impertible and largely-theoretical sharpness improvement.

I bought the D800e.  I could afford it, and paying a bit more for gear simply doesn't bother me once I've spent it.  I know some people would just miss that extra money over and over - for them, get the D800.

As for moire, I've not seen it to be an issue, ever.   Probably there is some somewhere in one or more of my shots if I looked for it.  (I don't shoot fashion or fabrics much).   Note that cameras now are in a trend where the AA filter is being removed.  I suspect it's so the manufacturers can show a small sharpness improvement, but it's probably also true that moire is less an issue than it's made out to be, and/or less an issue with higher pixel density.

I do pretty small amounts of post-processing sharpening on my D800e shots.   I suspect that you get just about the same results from a D800 shot by increasing intensity of unsharp mask by about 15% over the same D800e setting.

That said, if you print big and shoot landscape, you're the ideal target for a D800e.   But if you don't have a really good lens and technique, and don't shoot between F4 and F5.6, I don't know that it is possible to see a difference.

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