The worst thing about the V1...

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Re: The worst thing about the V1...

samfan wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

I can't for my life imagine how you manage this. I just tried to repeat this but I can't. My camera won't over or underexpose.

Here are 2 images when I give the camera time to set exposure:

Now when I quickly pan from the keyboard to the lightbulb and take a shot:

And now quickly back to the keyboard:

This is with AF and VR on, meaning the camera can autofocus and stabilize MUCH faster than it can set the meter.

Obviously if you wait 3 seconds for some reason, you'll have fine exposure.

I'm thinking your camera focuses slower than it should and therefore you have to wait for AF or something.

What lens and FW are you using? Mine is standard 10-30/3.5-5.6 and latest FW for both cam and lens.

EXIF is in my images. Not in yours. I have no idea how you managed to take that underexposed image. As I explained, my camera can not do that, except maybe in one situation, which I just been thinking about, that is that your exposure isn't enough, i.e. you hit the roof of the ISO and the shutter speed can not be lowered any more, or the aperture can not be opened. As I said, there is no EXIF in your images, so as far as I am concerned, they are not very informative, to say the least.

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