Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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Reading is still hard for you, isn't it.

DT200 wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

DT200 wrote:

According to you:

The FE lenses average $875 in price and that may go up with the next lens.

take a reply out of its context,

LOL, first you say the average FE lens price is $875, and then try to say that was out of "context"???

Yes an average of $875 rather than "more than $1000" which you claimed. The context being lenses sofar (=available), which was pretty clear from the parts of the post that you purposedly keep removing.

The average price of the FE lenses is $875.

There is no FE 70-200 with a dollar pricetag to be had yet. Fact.

It will cost over $1000, right? Don't waffle like you do and have a backbone. What do you think the price will be? $1000? $1500?

I have no idea what it will cost exactly so I can't calculate an average without guessing, but I also know it's not available in the US plus I don't know when it will be. And since you made this about lenses sofar...

The 70-200mm FE lens is LARGER than athe Canon FULL FRAME version in every dimension.

And more of the same tactics. You mentioned both the Canon and Nikon being smaller.

And I was CORRECT. The Nikon is 78x178.5 and the Sony is 80x175. When you compute the volume the Nikon is smaller.

Bwahaha. Did you use a 3D rendering to calculate volume? Because without that using volume as an argument when maximum length and diameter are this close and the diameter not constant, is pointless.

You have never been about truth, that much has been clear and exposed in this forum for a long time.

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