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Re: Backyard shots

CalNature wrote:

You've made me appreciate parrots. How many species are found in your area? Are these native species?

All are natives of Australia. I don't think we have any introduced parrots.
Ranked by numbers and visibility:
Rainbow Lorikeet   -  seen or heard within 1 minute 
Sulphur - crested Cockatoo -  a few mins 
King Parrot -  10 mins
Galah - couple of times per day
Eastern Rosella - every couple of days
Crimson rosella - every few weeks
Short-billed Corella - few times per year.

The top 4 breed locally, so we get to see them with their family groups which can be very noisy when the youngsters are demanding to be fed. 
When I was  kid in Sydney it was rare to see any of these in the solid urban areas, you only saw them on the fringes.   The greening of many suburbs has drawn them in, especially the Lorikeets, and repeated harsh droughts have pushed some of the inland species - like the Cockatoos - to the coast where they are now permanent residents.

We don't leave food out for them. To do so is to invite bad - destructive to our house     -  behaviour by the Cockatoos.  We do however hand feed  selected 'friends' who take individual grains of seed from my fingers.


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