DP Review: Readers Choice Award EM-1 or GM1?

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Gongs awarded

highwave wrote:

I personally would have voted for the Sony A7 as the product of the year. Simply because it's the first mirrorless FF camera to enter the market (not looking at rangefinder Leica).

Having said this, I basically have no interest at all in buying a FF mirrorless at this point and probably on the future either. And I would hands down pick the E-M1 or the GM1 over the A7 any day of the week. Just saying that for the product of the year, the A7 deserves more recognition for being a game changer.

The Sony A7 should not get "a gong" despite the fact that it has introduced the FF sensor to mass market digital cameras.  Why?  It is a great technical achievement, takes great images but the A7 interface to the user is a half cooked dinner and until they get that uuser interface right it is not a truly great product.

I have not even seen an OMD-EM1 but by all accounts its user interface is very good, and arguably the tiny mechanical-control-less GM1 has managed to squeeze the functionality of six user defined function keys and a quick menu plus four custom modes, interval timer, wifi control and actually a quite good user interface into a pack of cards body.  The A7 might be technology personified but I am glad that Sony did not make the GM1.

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