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Re: MFT is compatible with a variety of aspect ratios

Kazooless wrote:

I see that they've added the ability to cover the other aspect ratios and you can't find the aspect ratio mentioned on the pages any longer, but if you look at the actual patent, the 4/3 ratio is mentioned all over the place:

That patent is for a specific camera, it is not defining the Four Thirds standard. Of course, all Four Thirds cameras that are commercially available use the 4:3 ratio, but that does not make it part of the standard.

Four Thirds at least originally referred to the chosen aspect ratio of 4 wide to 3 tall, just like the old TV sets, etc., as Wozniak points out in his article (linked to earlier).

I suspect Wozniak is wrong on this point. Wikipedia articles cannot be entirely relied upon either, but I have seen several that mention 4/3 as referring to the diameter in inches of the glass envelope of early video camera tubes (e.g. here and here) and I am inclined to believe them more than Wozniak.

The 4/3" interpretation is entirely consistent with one commonly used way of specifying compact camera sensor sizes as e.g. 1" or 1/1.7" or 1/2.3", etc.

Four Thirds fits this scale exactly if it is interpreted as meaning 4/3".

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