Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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blue_skies wrote:

Those four lenses (E24, E20, E1650, E35) make your Nex-6 a do-all camera. Only two lenses to consider are a wide (E1018) and long (E85, when announced). Sure, long reach (200mm) is not included, but do you shoot much like that? If so, the E18200 is a great add-on.

And there is the superb Sigma 60mm f/2.8 ... if you don't need really shallow DOF then it is a very decent portrait lens. Almost too sharp even at f/2.8. Got mine for 160 Euros.

Apparently not a very popular lens. Maybe because of the "slow" aperture?

I wonder where this "need" for fast portrait lenses comes from and who actually uses them ... you don't see too many "shallow DOF" portraits in this forum...

I use Sigma 70/2.8 for portraits and it works. However, the idea of shallower DOF largely comes from classic portrait FL of 85mm which are typically f/1.4-f/2, occasionally f/2.8. But on APSc, the equivalence would be 57mm, f/1-f/1.8 (which is FE 55 territory). This FL is not used for tight portraits so control over DOF with larger aperture is greater. The Sigma 60/2.8 will struggle for longer portraits due to smaller aperture but will do fine when closer focus is used ( tighter composition).

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