Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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Thank You!

blue_skies wrote:

Smiller4128 wrote:

Just curious if there is any news at all about development by Sony for new lenses on their E mounts? I feel like now that the A7/A&r are out, all lens development will be centered around them.

And I only ask because, while I love my NEX6 and Zeiss 24mm, I'm really looking for a camera system with more lens options. Which is why I've been toying with the idea of selling my NEX6 and possibly moving to an Olympus E-M1. I'd really rather stick with the Sony but it's been awhile since E mount has seen a new lens and it's a little worrisome.

Should I hang in there with the Sony or should I switch to the Olympus E-M1 and 12-40mm Pro?

It is your call in the end....

I find the Nex-6 an excellent camera, and it is still my preferred camera. It is small (much smaller than the E-M1, which is A7 size, and price). It has professional aspirations (try using the HVL-F20M with the HVL-F43M as wireless flash, or use the dedicated video-mic).

The only thing that it lacks is the quick switch MF/AF button that the Nex-7 and the A7 have, but you can work around this in MF/DMF mode if you need it.

Lenses on the Nex-6 are excellent - plus it takes all legacy glass (especially RF) better than the Nex-7 (and perhaps A7) does.

IQ of the Nex-6 is better than the E-M1. I am sure this will get dragged into a side discussions, but I would not use the E-M1 at (true) ISO 1250 (about ISO 1600 on camera). The Nex-6 has more headroom. (let the trolls come again, each time).

Both are 16Mp, but if you crop (for web, monitor), the Nex-6 is a better format.

The Nex-6 plus E24Z is a killer combination. If you want more, you can opt for a (cheap) used Nex-7. No such upgrade exists for OM-D - keep this in mind. The E24Z is made for the Nex-7, and delivers 24Mp high IQ (similar to A7) - nothing that OM-D has compares to this.

If I were you, I would invest in one or two more lenses: do get the E35/1.8 OSS lens. It is my favorite on the Nex-6 and you will get very pleasing images with this lens.

For travel, I do like the E1650 kit lens (I assume that you have this one already), and for compactness, I like the E20 pancake lens.

Those four lenses (E24, E20, E1650, E35) make your Nex-6 a do-all camera. Only two lenses to consider are a wide (E1018) and long (E85, when announced). Sure, long reach (200mm) is not included, but do you shoot much like that? If so, the E18200 is a great add-on.

Consider adding these three lenses (E20, E1650, E35). It will cost much less than the E-M1, and hold its value longer. It will also give you much more versatility. Remember that the 12-40/2.8 on E-M1 corresponds to 16-52/4.0 on APS-C. If you really like the Oly lens, consider the E1670/4 OSS. These two lenses are about equivalent in price and performance, but the E1670 has longer reach, and is mated to a larger sensor (with more Mp if you do opt for a used Nex-7).

The E-mount series lenses are far from dead. They are an excellent set of lenses, and they take incredible images. Just because they have been out for a while does not mean that they are substandard: the Nex-7 is still the highest IQ APS-C camera of all times, the E35 is still one of THE best lenses compared for APS-C cameras.

Sony knows that they have a winner with the Nex camera concept, they will not walk away from it. Sure, the Nex name died, for Sony-internal reasons, but it changes nothing on the concept nor its abilities.

If not Nex, what else would you use?

I honestly believe that you will be disappointed if you go to a smaller sensor camera. But if you are attracted to 'ease-of-use', do consider the RX10 camera. It has a number of benefits if you do not need high ISO, and do a lot of outdoors shooting.

I didn't realize there was a conversion with the lens when going from M4/3 to that regards then, as you mentioned, the f4 zooms are just on par if not better than the Olympus Brand which actually makes me extremely happy as I had said earlier I would very much like to stick with Sony. Another big issue with going to the E-M1 was that for the cost, I could get an A7 for just a little more and be able to swap and share lenses whenever I want.

So thank you very much for your detailed reply as that helped a LOT! I will admit that the X-T1 by Fujifilm still looks tempting BUT I think I will ultimately stick with the NEX6 as the Zeiss lenses are really nice (again I lOVE my Zeiss 24mm). I may however purchase a Fujifilm X100S that I've had my eye on for awhile and looks like a fun camera but my primary will be the NEX.

Thank you again very much!

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