Birding with a 500mm F4 or 600mm F4

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Re: The V1 killed my lust for a 500F4

Nikon2011 wrote:


While trying to improve birding shots, I went through various lenses, including 80-400af-d, 300F4+1.4tc, and 80-400g. I was working up to a 500f4, but could never justify the price. (I'm


just asking

don't you think that within 10 years you will have spent the same amount of money (all of the V1-2-3-4, converters etc) if not more

and at the end of the year you will still be there looking for something 'stronger' (v1 to v2 to v3 to v4, new converter, better tc)

in italy we say ' who saves... wastes ' ( you'll be spending more in the long term )


Well, when I bought my first 400mm lens, a $400 Sigma 400F5.6 APO prime, I couldn't afford the $1200 (manual focus) Nikon 400 prime.

When I bought my 80-400AF-D, for $1300 in 2009, I could not afford an $8000 500F4.

When I bought my 300F4 + 1.4TC, I still could not afford an $8000 500F4.

When I bought my 80-400g ($2700, spring 2013), I actually COULD afford the 500F4, and considered it.  But instead, last spring I bought a D800e, 50F4.1g, 85F1.8g, Sigma 35F1.4 ART, 70-200 VR II, 80-400g, 16-35F4, plus a V2 with 10-100vr and 6.7-13mm lenses.   By that time I had the V1, and rather liked it with a 300F4 mounted as it became an 810F4 that was extremely easy to carry and only cost about $500 for the package (v1, 10-30 lens and FT-1 adapter).  And accesories like the D800e grip, a couple of big (3rd party) batteries for the grip, another Thinktank bag, a 67mm CP for one of the new lenses, etc.

Perhaps I should have saved the money I spent on the 80-400AF-D and 300F4+TC, but that only added up to less than half the cost of the 500F4.  More importantly, I would have missed an awful lot of shots between 2009 and 2013.    People sometimes disparage the 80-400AF-D, but if you know how to use it, you can get awfully good results.

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