How healthy is A-mount?

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  • People on this forum get mighty defensive. That usually happens when people have a weak or losing position, or have cognitive dissonance and are trying to convince themselves of something they know to be incorrect.
  • People are claiming a high-end strategy for A-mount. A high-end only strategy for A-mount is doomed. People really do move up, and don't want to throw away old glass for a while. I never changed systems from my original Minolta. In addition, very fancy glass (ultrawide aperture) is easier to design with shorter flange distance.
  • From the number of comments about this being a repeated thread, this is a question on many peoples' mind.

I wouldn't mind A-mount dying if there was a good transition strategy to E-mount. This would require:

  • Cheap adapters which work with all lenses (including screw drive). I'd want to own an adapter-per-lens, not per-camera, so a $200 or $350 adapter doesn't cut it. The size of the LA-EA3 also doesn't cut it.
  • IBIS.

I'm not sure if these are forthcoming.

On an organizational note: People claim there are lots of threads, and respond quite aggressively. It's rare to see this level and type of flaming. In most forums I've seen, this problem leads to one of two types of behaviors instead:

  • Post links to prior threads, and leave it at that.
  • Have a forum-wide FAQ or similar, and post a link to that.

You folks should consider something similar. It would save both you and the OP a lot of hassle. Process:

  • Thread gets pointed to an older one. No one needs to respond further.
  • OP receives a friendly answer rather than flames.
  • You take a few seconds to post the link, and move on with your lives. Thread doesn't keep bubbling to the top.

Just a proposal.

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