How healthy is A-mount?

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"New A-mount cameras and lenses are supposed to be unveiled in a separate announcement in Spring. This includes the A77 successor and 4K A-mount FF".

That same rumor said they were going to be announced in summer 2013... Then in January 2014. Every couple months, SAR repeats the rumor but keeps pushing back the dates further and further.

Great for daily comic, not so much for staying to evaluate realities.

I don't see the need for overly frequent replacements of camera bodies, or cars. My a55 is barely three. It still does its job well and I have no incentive to spend to replace it.

Market does demand more and more (it is stimulated more by emotions rather than logic) but a restraint might be a good choice, especially considering technology in transition. It may not be great for the sales numbers in te short term but more sales should not be the only goal, greater profitability should be, especially in the longer term.

Sony has to invest in the future right now, not tomorrow. With A-mount, the predicament is likely with the future of the mirror itself. After about 30 years of mirror based PDAF, the technology is bound to have run its course. The issue is going to be in transitioning to its replacement.

I suspect though that Sony may have to take a two pronged approach in the foreseeable future, if only to keep supporting legacy lenses. IMO, Sony may have laid that ground with SLT.

What if mirrorless form can deliver groundbreaking performance at some point but can't really be utilized with legacy lenses designed to work with mirrors? Sony has to do something about that too, and that may just be the case. SLT is likely to stay but it may also do so with ability to go mirror less. If there is even a hint of this direction within Sony, I can see why priority may be address the infrastructure first rather than keep pace with very frequent updates. This is not a concern on E-mount so that platform can continue to be on a more notmal schedule.

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