Direct comparison Oly 12-40mmF2.8 with Oly 12-50mmF3.5-6.3?

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Re: The 12-50 is like looking through fog or dirty glasses.

Paul De Bra wrote: Re: The 12-50 is like looking through fog or dirty glasses.

That is pretty bold language

The first pair of images shows it most clearly. It is a combination of sharpness and contrast that makes the 12-40 image look "clear" and the 12-50 makes me twist and turn my head to find a sharper image through my varifocal glasses.

First pair of images where? Martin or Jorge? Or something else still?

With some added contrast and sharpening the 12-50 images can be made to look better, I'm sure, but that of course comes at the expense of also bringing out more noise.

True.  Adding contrast and clarity is my main recipe with the lens.

I do not regret spending the money to replace the 12-50 by the 12-40 at all. After the first few sets of images I took with the 12-40 I had to change my post-processing routine to reduce the sharpening because the images became oversharpened. (With the 12-50 they still did not look sharp enough.)

OK.  Really something to take into account.

My PP routine (in LR) on a bunch of images from a certain time and place with different lenses and sometimes different cameras is usually the same for all, with individual tweaks.

I process one image until it looks good and (provided there is not too much exposure shift) I copy those settings and paste them on other images (except crop, WB and often exposure).  And then I adjust.

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