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You can buy artists. Chrsyler bought Bob Dylan for the Superbowl.

Kelby's sellout to Canon was small change. At $4 million per 30 seconds, Chrysler paid $16 million for their Superbowl ad featuring Bob Dylan. That's $$ to the network and NFL. Plus, he licensed his song "I Want You" for a second commercial in the same game. Two commercials in one Superbowl! Phew!  That's star power.

With that kind of fame, I'm sure that Bob Dylan, as a certified American music icon and cultural legend, whose mega-fame goes far back before the Superbowl existed, commanded a price wayyyy higher than Scott Kelby.  Dylan's no fool. Aside from mega-stars like himself, creative artists have a hard time buying food and paying rent from their artistry. And even at his level, I'm sure there's an extra perk or two he'd like to splurge on.

Photographers, with few exceptions, basically can't make a living from their photos, or at best struggle like hell to do so. Who says? Well, Scott Kelby for one:

Kelby freely admits that as a photographer, he needs a day job. He found his by getting into photography education. If Canon offered him pretty good money, and new cameras, to say nice things about their gear, it would be surprising if he didn't jump through the hoop.

Me, I don't make decisions based on spokespeople in commercials. I use Nikon gear. But I also have a Canon compact. Canon makes good gear too. But I love Nikon. It's wonderful. I know that. And I know that because what I believe is my own two eyes, not ads.

Good luck to ya, Scott.  You have good tutorials and seminars.  And you need to pay the bills  Understood.  But now I know not to listen to what you say about cameras.  That's fine, I can make my own mind up. 
Tom B

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