Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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Re: Always the same baloney ...

DT200 wrote:

Sony is working on the larger more expensive FE lenses. So far they are averaging a little over $1000 each. There will a giant 70-200 F/4 lens (bigger than Canon and Nikon) soon.

Well, that is to be expected, since they started the FF sensor in, guess what, the E-mount

The APS-C E-mount line is fairly complete, missing lenses are a fast 85, a fast tele prime, and a longish macro lens.

The fast 85 will be released as an FE lens (Sony did the same for A-mount), and fairly inexpensively.

A fast OSS prime at 100/2.8 or 135/2.8 would be welcomed.

The E30M is not for those shooting insects, an OSS 100mm macro would be of use.

Sony makes more money on these and the APS lenses don't work well on their new FE cameras. FE lenses work on APS cameras, but are big.


What the heck are you trying to say?

Sony makes money on products, likely proportional to their pricing, it is called gross margin. But company profits depend on volume. E.g. 10,000 x $50 = $500,000, whereas 1,000 x $100 = $100,000.

Learn something about consumer markets first, will ya?

FE lenses work on APS-C cameras, but why would they be big? FL is FL. An FE lens may be heavier - because of the wider glass, but the E24Z is larger than the FE35 - and they give the same FOV.

You might not get much for that NEX camera too. People are selling them like crazy driving the price down.

That is just nonsense. The Nex cameras are in high demand and selling at decent prices. Also, any such statement should be taken into context of other brands - they are all quite similar, nothing that set the Nex cameras apart, other than perhaps having a higher demand. In case you forgot, 'aging' Nex cameras are as good as the current Nex cameras, whereas for other brands this is not quite the case...

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