Panasonic DMC LX5 replacement options with a better zoom

Started Feb 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
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RX100 cropped to 200mm is NOT 10MP

lenshoarder wrote:

mgd43 wrote:

The Sony RX100 and RX100 II are very good, but they only go out to 100mm.

The RX100s are 20MP cameras though. So you can do a central crop and get the equivalent of 200mm at the native resolution of the LX5 of 10MP. So have higher resolution up to 100mm then higher zoom at LX5 resolution to 200mm.

Your math is a little off here.   100 to 200mm loses 50% linearly (2x crop factor), but by area it loses 75%.   Cropping 100mm to 200mm leaves you with 5MP and an effective sensor size of about 1/2".    Still plenty for a lot of work, but you are most definitely NOT going to be left with the kind of detail you have from an uncropped LX5 shot.

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