Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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Re: More verifiably fake claims.

Personally I'm pretty happy with the lineup. I've got four primes (12,24,32,50) and with that combo I feel I can shoot pretty much anything (well I don't have a telephoto, but I don't really want one).

I think all that's really missing is an 85mm prime and maybe a f/2.8 zoom -- though I imagine a 2.8 zoom would be pretty big, and given that size is one of the reasons that someone would buy a NEX, I can understand why Sony did an f4 zoom instead.

Some of the FE lenses aren't all that big. I'm looking at getting the 55mm FE for my NEX-7 and (from the specs) it doesn't seem to be all that much bigger than the 50mm e-mount that I'm looking to replace with it. & certainly the 35mm FE isn't big.

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