Print length when printing canvas on Epson 9900

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Re: Print length when printing canvas on Epson 9900

DavidH202 wrote:

I honestly am baffled and cannot see how the canvas is physically shrinking only where the ink is applied to the surface. If that were the case the remaining white areas (without ink) would be puckered and warped since there would be a difference in the surface tension between the inked area and the raw canvas.
Is this in fact happening also?

am so contended by your so scientific observation, thats right am too epson stylus pro 9900 user bought a week ago but sadly amazed that such a important need in prints is overlooked by such a world leader in print, company like epson and feel so cheated that they didn't specify in their any info about their printer that they are not sure nor have any specific parameters/ settings that can make sure that  we will get same print length as we specified in print get together and ask epson people to give us concrete solution for the same. thanks.

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