Where have all the Focal-reducers gone? (with apologies)

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Re: Where have all the Focal-reducers gone? (with apologies)

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Glad I read this little thread. I was thinking of getting one, but this put me off a bit. Maybe I should just get the SEL3518 instead.

The E35 is a nice little lens. But I am also expecting delivery of my Metabones SB (A-mount) tomorrow. The idea is primarily for portraiture. I will post feedback of my experiences here.

Interestingly enough, a lens I am really keen to see perform with SB is a cheap old Minolta 35-70/4. That lens is small and excellent wide open. On APSc, its weakness has been a limited range (50-105mm equiv), but with speed booster, it has the potential for a small and light 25-50/2.8 lens.

37 - 75mm / F2.8 ff equivalent on APS-C

I also have Minolta 70-210/4, which will become 50-150/2.8 with SB.

75 - 223mm / F2.8 ff equivalent on APS-C

Looking forward to the results.

And my 135/2.8 STF is really the lens I expect to use the most as it will become more useable as a portrait lens on APSc (95mm/2 equiv) when used on NEX-6 while a mid tele on a55 (200mm equiv).

143mm / F2 ff equivalent on APS-C

Yep, close to the FOV they were all intedended for while gaining on shutter speed.

IQ remains to be seen but on paper it looks very interesting. Based on the results, I might also convert my Contax Zeiss 50/1.7 to A-mount and that will give me an effective 35/1.2 APSc lens on SB.

Yes, IQ remains to be seen.

I have my doubts.. if I believe that a filter in front of a lens will degrade the IQ - and I do believe this, how could I believe that a complex optical system behind the lens would not degrade it, more, it would improve the image ?

I know that there are cheap "universal" tele-adapters which will destroy your image, and expensive, dedicated tele-adapters, matched with high quality 70-200/F2.8 lenses, which will only degrade the image...

The real test for the IQ will be with Sony 135mm f/2.8 STF. That lens is tack sharp and excellent micro contrast with in-focus areas and silky smooth out of focus areas, anywhere on the frame. And I will be testing corner performance. On APSc, the lens works better as a pseudo macro lens (1:4 magnification) and a long distance portrait, so I expect a friendlier transformation with SB.

The little 35-70/4 is also an impressive lens wide open, and that is how I expect to use it modt of the time but with SB, it covers three very useful focal lengths: 25mm, 35mm and 50mm, at f/2.8 equiv. In this case, I am most curious about distortion at the wide angle.

An additional advantage is that I can always switch to APSc mode and take advantage of crop factor for greater optical reach as well (so the little 35-70 would work as 25-70 f/2.8-4 and I can always carry 20/2.8 as well).

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