DP Review: Readers Choice Award EM-1 or GM1?

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Re: DP Review: Readers Choice Award EM-1 or GM1?

reygon wrote:

EM-1 won both 2013 Best MIL and Product of the Year Award for DP Review Reader's Choice.


I'm an Olympus owner but I think GM1 should have won the product of the year award for its size, performance and price. Nothing revolutionary with the EM-1 as product of the year considering no big and dramatic change from EM-5.

What do you think?

As a forecast, EM-10 will win some awards this year

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From a usability standpoint the EM5 far exceeds the GM1, and the EM1 improves on the EM5 in a variety of very useful ways (EVF, controls, grip, buffer, AF, etc).

The GM1 is cool for what it is, a very basic and also very, very small camera with great IQ. However, when you compare it performance wise, ie, actually use of the camera not just the sensor performance, the EM1, EM5, GX7, and even EM10 are miles ahead.

To me, the EM1 is camera that has completely replaced my full line of APS-C and FF DSLR camera gear. The GM1 is more of a replacement for something like a S100/LX7/etc. I would never consider the GM1 as a serious camera because it is way too small and barely has any direct controls, no hotshoe, no evf, etc. That's not to say the GM1 isn't capable of taking excellent photos, just as good as the EM1 in some cases, however, they are simply too vastly different products.

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