Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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Re: Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

bill hansen wrote:

Now don't go pointing out that NEX was simply re-named. Yes, we all know that. The original point is the important one - are there ever going to be new high quality E mount lenses? Maybe not.

Do you even know what "E mount" means?? Just off the top of my head I can count six high-quality E mount lenses released in the past six months, three of them dedicated to APS-C. And that doesn't count the A7 kit zoom.

Maybe we all need to move to Alpha A mount, or accept the fact that we need our LA-EA2 adapters to use our NEXes, or should never have bought into E mount in the first place. Makes me angry with myself.

You should be angry with yourself, for buying into this weird cult of negativity regarding the future of NEXes and their lenses while completely ignoring what's going on around you.

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