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Re: it's the slow Matrix Metering

myzel wrote:

After a few more tests:

I think the Matrix Metering is a bit slow on the V1 and takes something between 1-2s to adjust between two extrem light situations. Spot and centre weighted are faster.

I haven't seen any difference, as you noticed in my images above. Two seconds is what it takes, regardless if I test with matrix or CWA, at least in my scenarios it made no difference if I actually take images. Not tested with spot.

It takes some efford to reproduce the effect of the slower Matrix Metering and I can't imagine a real world situation where this could become a problem for me. I'm not often (never) taking pictures of something in a dark room and then within a second a picture of something in bright day light.

No, I have also said that this is really a non-issue. Something good to know but not a real problem.

With a AF a bit slower it might not be a problem at all since the AF can take longer to focus than the Matrix Metering needs to get it right. With the 18.5 and the 32 lenses I get the picture in focus, but the exposure is off (but only if I don't frame the picture and do everything to take a picture as fast as possible). Just a short thought about framing and the exposure is right.

Yes, the AF speed can be slow, especially in low light situations, which I also pointed out. Once the focus is done the exposure is dead on.

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