Looking for opinions from those who have upgraded from D300/s to D600/610

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Re: Looking for opinions from those who have upgraded from D300/s to D600/610

I made the move about a year ago.  Like you I wanted more DR and low light ability.  Also with my daughter grown and away I am no longer shooting as much action (HS Sports and the like) but instead find myself shooting more indoors, people, landscape and things not in motion.

On the plus side:

...I like the results I get from the camera.

...The low light ability is very good

...The DR is incredible, dark areas in the shadows can be brightened in post production

...Nice color rendition

...not very heavy

...very easy to use virtual horizon - nice to have on a tripod for landscapes and portraits.


...Handling is not as good as with the D300. I often need to take my eye from the view screen to change small things I did not have to with the D300

...construction is not as robust.

...grip is not as comfortable.  It is not bad mind you just a small thing

worth mentioning:

fairly water tight.  I don't mind having it in a rain with minimum protection


I like the camera.  I am not as in love with it as I was my D300 and I find it is not as good for things in motion as the D300.  I still have the 300 and still use it a lot.  I do get tired of cleaning the 600.  I may have to send it in for the shutter or mirror fix that was bothering the early ones. The 610 does not have the same problem and it seems the repaired ones are working better.  Given how I use the camera, I may have been very happy with the DF for the small difference in price had it been out then.


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