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olyflyer wrote:

Something must be wrong with your camera, because mine does not behave like that.

Mine behaves exactly the same like everyone else's described in this topic so on the contrary, there's something strange with your camera or your method of testing.

You mention focusing often, but this has nothing to do with focusing - it's about merely POINTING the camera from light to darkness and vice versa. And it's not about image on the screen either, I can fully watch the shutter speed change veeery sloooowly from 1/125 to 1/30 and the like at the same time as the display brightness changes. You don't need to take the picture at all, but if you do, it'll most likely be exposed incorrectly.

So really, everyone describes it the same way except you, there's something unusual about what you're doing. Aren't you using an older firmware by any chance?

The D200 and the D300/D300s can switch it off and is also faster in killing the preview when you press the shutter release.

The preview has nothing to do with anything on DSLRs. I'm just watching the shutter speed jump up and down in the viewfinder as I change composition. It will continue metering and jumping for as long as the meter is active, regardless what is displayed on the LCD.

It's not a DSLR. Period.

That's what I'm saying.

However, first, even compact cameras are capable of faster metering. My little Pentax Option P&S can only show the shutter speed when the shutter is half-pressed, however it still meters much faster than the V1. With pan focus on, it meters in split second.

Second, if every other decent camera on the planet can meter quickly, why can't the N1 cameras? This is awkward to say at least.

Third, the cameras are still made for speed - see AF speed, buffer, etc. It's just that Nikon has botched it in many ways and this is one of them.

Never the less, I must yet see a situation where 2 second delay between extremely high exposure differences can cause a problem in real life.

We've already described a few.

Note it's a 3 second delay, not 2. You have a buffer in the camera which allows you to follow a subject for several seconds with 5 or 10 fps. Even if you're not using continuous focus, you can still follow the subject with AF. If the light around subject changes, your exposure will be off. Have you never shot sports such as kayaking? Or an air show?

If Nikon wouldn't be such an ass regarding lenses and pricing (I won't shell out that much money for a piece of extension tube with a chip), I'd be happily using V1 in this manner and I'm pretty sure I'd bump into this.

But in fact you can simply bump into it just by having the camera on in bright light and pointing it to different directions. It's not about bringing the camera out of the bag.

Really, it's not that difficult to understand why it can be a problem for some situations.

The only problem is if the user has set the "Shutter button AE lock" item to ON. That can really cause missed shots and a lot of headache because the delay will be between 9 and as much as 13 seconds.

Can you explain? I have no idea what you're talking about here. What 9-13 seconds?

Once again, you can ignore the display. If you want a quicker adjust you must do two things.

Well it's difficult to ignore the display when you can't see sh*t on it because it takes a couple of seconds from completely white after every image

...but if you just press the shutter release all the way the camera will not expose the image before the metering is done. The display may look over or underexposed, but the image will be right.

I really feel like we're discussing completely different things here.

Again. My camera takes 3 seconds to adjust for exposure when I pan from a bright to dark situation. The displayed shutter speed slowly changes from something to something else. When I take the picture while the meter is not settled, the photograph will be taken with the shutter speed that was displayed at the time of the snap, so the result be under- or overexposed.

And yea, I have AE lock set to off like on every other camera. That was the first thing I've changed on the V1.

In short, the AF on the camera is much much much much much faster than the meter.

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