Beginner's question on A vs. M :)

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Re: M is not the holy grail.. :)

Robin Casady wrote:

Are you referring to the daughter of Christ, the cauldron of Celtic mythology that brought dead warriors back to life so they could continue fighting, or the cup Monty Python was seeking?


One thing about staying with one mode is that you get used to it and can operate the adjustments by muscle memory.


I rarely use anything but M because I rarely need to shoot quickly. When I do use an auto mode, I have to think about it if I need to change EC.
For someone who primarily uses an auto mode, using M could be a pain because they would have to think about it.

agree totally

I guess if you shoot enough in both modes you would get used to both, but that would take a lot of shooting.

it depends how dextrous and flexible (mentally) you are.. I'm not particularly. I know what my camera's meter is going to suggest most of the time and am happy to use A and assume in advance, EC.

If I do get contre jour I'll spot meter and work from that; although AF point meter bias sometimes negates that as well.. depending on the amount of subject in the frame and its brightness.

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