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Re: it's the slow Matrix Metering

myzel wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

As soon as the EVF is right the exposure is right.

You are making the same mistake and confuse the EVF/LCD display lag with the exposure lag. …

No, maybe I wasn't clear enough.

If I point the camera (in Matrix Metering) at a dark scene and then at a bright one (dark corner of a room vs. daylight outside the window) and emidiatly press the shutter (less than 1 second between dark and light exposure) I get an over exposed image.

...but that's EXACTLY the way I test it, except that there is no way to take two images with 1 second interval. It takes about two seconds in that situation if the exposure difference is so huge. However...

I did some more tests and I could reproduce overexposure in one situation, which is keeping the camera in the dark without taking an image and extremely fast lifting it to the bright window and quickly pushing the shutter release all the way. The image in that case is totally overexposed, but what happens is that the AF system is fooled and the camera takes the image without focusing. If I let the camera focus it will take about two seconds and the image is taken exposed just right. Is this what you mean by your tests? Because this sounds totally pointless to me, I am not interested in taking OOF images anyway, so I don't care if the camera overexpose here.

If I wait until the EVF shows the correct image I get the exposure right.

Yes, but once again, you don't have to wait for the display, only for the focus.

If I switch from Matrix Metering to spot or centre weighted metering I get a correctly exposed image even if the EVF hadn't updated.

You get the exposure right in ANY metering modes. Something else must be going on here if you don't get the right exposure in Matrix mode.

Now that's strange.

Maybe we should compare all possible settings. If you get the right exposure in Matrix Metering without waiting a few seconds, then you are doing something differently. I would like to find out what it is.

OK, ask which settings you are interested in. EXIF is in the image and I don't know if there is any easy way to list all the camera settings, but if there is, please let me know. I don't mind sharing all my settings but to type all of them manually is a bit time consuming and pretty boring.

I tested it in P mode, Matrix Metering, ISO 100, centre AF set ot AF-A, Portrait AF OFF, AF assist light off, Auto WB, single frame.

Singe AF or continuous AF?

ADL on or off?

NR on or off?

Auto ISO?

I don't know what "Portrait AF" is. Do you mean face detect or AF-A?

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