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Tom: by popular demand here is the link to the part III

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Thanks for the little GM1 chat - I think we are about to run out of posting room on this thread. As a personal explanation - I am not trying to "sell" anyone the GM1 but simply bringing this quite remarkable camera to general notice.

here it goes yet more space to continue.

It is not for everyone for the obvious reasons but it is a pretty good product where the smallest practical size has been matched to a useful sized sensor. Where is is just as amazing in its own right as the A7 is in its sensor-size field is that it does work so well and Panasonic has provided a very satisfactory user interface that is arguably quite as good as the A7 type, certainly friendlier, and also a more enthusiast level operating system with features such as interval shooting and four custom modes that NEX users could only dream about. Six configurable function keys plus quickmenu to the NEX single function key (effectively quickemu) and two fairly limited versatility softkeys. Then other buttons which they both have in common. the NEX6 does have an extra wheel, but the GM1 is so configured that an extra wheel is hardly necessary.

I do value your explorations and insight. It is just that mine style, and ingrained habits from over four decades in photography, are seemingly at odds with the smartphones/tablets screen-poking and multitude of menu-hidden options. Give me as many direct external controls, old-timers style, and I'd be happy. Also shooting at arms-length with no built-in VF is not going to enamour me with any camera skimpy on features and VF-less.

The sensor size might be a personal predilections, but the basic operational controls simply must be present for any serious enjoyment of shooting experience IMO.

So the NEX6 is more GX7 class and the A7 is in a class by itself. The GM1 is pretty unique and simply "interesting", not competing directly.

I will limit my response to a single post to give room for last replies

feel free to use all the space here, and then we can happily spill over to the part III


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