Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

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Re: I don't understand the: "25mm of course is larger" comparison with the 45mm.

Olymore wrote:

It's my understanding that the 40-60mm focal length is easier to design and build than wider and longer focal lengths.

So standard focal lengths for 35mm format were always the cheapest lenses. And 50mm (35mm equivalent) lenses on 6x4.5 format were also relatively cheap.

As m43 has the 2x crop it is actually cheaper and easier to make short portrait length lenses than standard focal length lenses.

And wide angles on m43 are actually equivalent to ultra wides on 35mm and introduce further complexity which is why the m43 wide angle primes are not as cheap as people expect.

14/2.5? The NEX pancake 16mm? Both are radical FL's on FF.

I'd be interested if someone who knows about lens design can confirm this though.

They make those single-digit mm lenses for mobile phones so good and small, and fast/compact 32/35mm standard primes are appearing for APSC.

Compare the Leica S system 45/2.8 to 70/2.5, and one should have no doubt as to which is the standard lens.

There is nothing magical about the 40-60mm range, away from the 135 sensor/film format.

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