Urgent! Canon EOS 70D or Olympus OM-D M10?

Started Feb 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
peevee1 Veteran Member • Posts: 6,247
Re: Buy the Canon

ARShutterbug wrote:

Buy the Canon 70D. Don't ask any more questions because it's quite urgent! Looks and size don't make better image quality, nor does it provide a lens system. Actually, I don't even know what an E-M10 is,

Maybe you should not comment on questions about it then?

but unless whatever company that makes it also provides a CanNikon level of lens and accessory options

Of course m43 lens system is bigger than Canon EF-S system.

, along with the back-end compatibility for RAW file processing,

All m43 cameras quickly get support from 3rd party RAW processors, and Olympus cameras come with the software to process, edit and organize pictures (including RAWs) in the box.

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