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PS is far more daunting and much slower - though heaps more powerful and flexible to the point I think most people probably only use a tiny percentage of the available tools.

Why do you say that PS is "much slower"? I'm an experience PS user, have been for many years through all its incarnations, and don't find that to be the case.

I also suspect but can't prove that the "daunting" aspect of PS to which you refer is largely an urban myth assumed to be the case only by people who haven't really attempted to use it.

In terms of workflow and time to become proficient. Not necessarily in execution speed - though my gut feel is it is there too.
I think for most people who aren't Matt Koklowski it will be faster to edit and process 200 shots in LR than it would in PS.
Believe or not - I think that was one of the original motivations for LR. Provding a faster and easier workflow - key word workflow - than PS.
PS does not really have a workflow, in the sense of ingest, apply metadata, edit, process, output.
I also think there is much less scope for wandering off on 6 hour side trips down the rabbit hole of PS features and plugins - fun and educational as they may be.

I used to work in digital pre-press - before everything was digital.

I've been using PS since version 2. On a 68K Mac. When XPress was still a big deal.
I may not use it as much now, and I by no means claim to be a guru on current photoshop practise (layers were a big deal for me back in PS3.0) but I think it is fair to say have some vague passing familiarity with photoshop.
I suspect (but can't prove) your opinion to the complexity of photoshop for the average lay person is that someone who has never provided IT support to average users.
I now no longer in digital pre-press

I now work in a 5,000 desktop organisation, where most people rely on PCs/Laptops to do ALL their work.
You'd be surprised how few are able adapt well to new software or even new versions of existing software they already use.
Even in the so called "digital native" generations.

Presuming you are as familiar as you say with PS your opinion to it ease of use is kind of moot - you've either forgotten how hard it was, know less of it than you think or YOU ARE Matt Koklowski!!

There's such misinformation in your post which I'm too weary to debate, particularly with people

whose minds are not open to the unfamiliar/uncomfortable.

By the way, exactly where did I I refer to PS's "ease of use"?

I trust if you are willing to demand clarifications, you'll be equally willing to provide them.

You didn't say "ease of use".

But I interpreted what you said as semantically equivalent since you were speaking against my statement which was that that PS was not as easy to use - I used the synonym "daunting" instead of the work "easy" but in the context of my statement they are semantically equivilant.

By the way if you run PS and LR on a machine that is resource poor I'm pretty sure you will find PS loads slower and draws slower.

Now where exactly is the mis-information?
Someone who has been using photoshop "through all it's incarnations" is not able to really judge the complexity of the software due to their 15-20 years of experience?

Photoshop is workflow oriented?
PS will ingest and allow for a processing pipeline that is as fast as LR?
LR is not intended to be easier and faster to use?
PS is not bigger and more complex than LR?
Most people DO use most of PS?

Perhaps you might like some comments from Adobe and the LR development team on these questions..

From the current $9.99 PS/LR offer page:

"Lightroom 5
For editing digital photos without having to navigate the extensive offerings of Photoshop, Lightroom provides the precise tools photographers need to process their images efficiently, while still bringing out the best in their photographs."

Here - from the horses mouth - one of the LR dev team I think: some comments on the origin, intent of Lightroom and some comments comparing LR with PS.

Now where exactly is the mis-information?


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